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Sailing Science Center Exhibits

200 Years of Ship Design

Scale models of the USS Constitution and USA 17 are juxtaposed, combined with samples of their respective hull construction to illustrate the advances in technology and differences in construction for different purposes.

Anchors Aweigh!

This exhibit uses model anchors, a small sandbox, and spring scales to demonstrate the effects anchor's design and scope on holding power. Video (6:06)

Archimedes' Puzzler (currently absent from the collection)

This exhibit demonstrates the distinction between density and displacement in whether an immersed object will sink or float.

Bernoulli Ball

This fun, interactive exhibit, shows how a ball tends to stay in a stream of air with stabilizing feedback caused by pressure differences, as predicted by Bernoulli's Principle.

Coriolis Carousel

A spinning turntable, with a rotating camera above it, shows how the trajectory of a steel marble traces a curve on the Earth's, even while it is rolling in a straight line. Video (2:43 - not of the exhibit) 

Density Drop

Two water columns, pre-formed shapes, and modeling clay, create the opportunity to see what shapes travel easily through water, what shapes have more resistance, and what shapes are most stable. Video (2:32)

The Grinder

A simulation of an America's Cup pedestal winch gives people a taste of the athletic experience of high-end competitive sailors, while competing for the best times. Video (2:46)

Land Yacht Table

A table with fans at one end and electronic timing gates lets young scientists experiment with how boats sail upwind and downwind, and what factors impact their speed. Video (1:23)

Making Waves

A wave tank with a plunger at one end and a configurable "beach" at the other end, lets people experiment with the properties of waves (length, height, speed, regularity) and coastal defenses.

Visual Navigation

A carefully scaled image of an offshore island uses angular measurements and the similarity of triangles to show how distances can be measured in navigation. Video (2:54)

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