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At the Sailing Science Center our volunteers make everything possible!  Volunteers enjoy monthly educational, social and sailing events where they can meet and mingle with other contributors.

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We are looking for people who have positive attitudes, are responsive, and maintain high standards of integrity and accountability. We seek both individuals and groups. Below is a sampling of the roles we're looking to fill.



Event Volunteers (Docent-Explainers)

We are seeking volunteers who want to spend time with people sharing the Sailing Science Center's exhibits. Volunteers will interact with both children and adults. Pop-up events are being held roughly monthly and currently require a staff of 6-8 volunteers. Our goal is a corps of 24 volunteers who can staff events. Expected time commitment: One day every one to three months. Click here to apply.

Google Apps Script Developer

We are seeking a volunteer with experience in Google Apps Script (like Java Script) to write Google Sheets automation macros. Expected time commitment: Variable, depending on how deep we go. Click here to apply.

Public Relations

We are seeking a person who is passionate about spreading the word of a cause they believe in. Their primary responsibilities would include researching and managing potential news outlets and promoting stories about the Sailing Science Center. Bonus points for developing a strategy for the type of content that will hook journalists. Expected time commitment: 2-3 hours per week. Click here to apply.


Organize SSC Images Folder

We are seeking a volunteer with expertise in organizing and managing computer files to organize and tag images in the SSC Images Folder. Expected time commitment: 4-6 hours. Click here to apply.

Create an SSC Wikipedia Page

We are seeking a volunteer with writing expertise to create an SSC Wikipedia page. Expected time commitment: 8-16 hours. Position Re-Opened!



SSC volunteer events are designed to create community and give back to our volunteers, while accomplishing productive work or helping us to learn more about the aspects of our mission. Volunteer events are designed to fall into one of these categories:

Service Events - Outings to support the SSC mission or public service.

Educational Events - Outings to local museums or going to hear speakers.

Sailing Events - Outings on San Francisco Bay on donated boats.

Cultivation Events - Outings to build relationships with community members and friend organizations.

Social Events - Potlucks, parties and other social gatherings.

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