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Our First Exhibit!

SSC First Exhibit - The Land Yacht Experiment Table

Danny Beesley showing off the SSC's first exhibit

We are extremely pleased to announce the completion and delivery of the Sailing Science Center's first exhibit, the Land Yacht Experiment Table, designed by Paul Kamen and built by Danny Beesley of Idea Builder Labs, at the College of Alameda. Using a table, a fan, and small cars with sails on them, the exhibit demonstrates how boats are able able to sail at different angles to the wind, and most notably, how they are able to sail upwind.

Two days after revealing the exhibit at our 2019 gala we delivered the exhibit to the Treasure Island Sailing Center, where it is now on loan. A day later the first group of students arrived to test it, a class of eight- to eleven-year olds learning to sail Optimist dinghies. With the prompt, "Hey kids, check this out!" they were off and running, requiring no further instruction or prodding. We will share photos and videos as soon as we have all the necessary parental permissions. For now, suffice it to say that the exhibit is a big success and has exceeded our expectations in every way!

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